Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Itinerary

If you click it gets bigger.


  1. This itinerary is already somewhat outdated as we are hoping to head immediately into the Andes east of Lima then take a boat from Pucallpa all the way to Iquitos, but then we will come back to Lima via the Northern coast....

  2. Now this is outdated too because the boat ride from Pucallpa actually doesn't sound as pleasant as we imagined. Hopefully we can catch a quick flight to Iquitos from Lima and make our way back over land. Obviously our original itinerary will likely be laughable by the end of the trip...

  3. Hey guys -

    When you're on the north coast go to a town named Chicama and have a crack at surfing. It's the longest wave in the world and happens to be quite user friendly to beginners (so I've heard). I would imagine you could rent equipment there.