Wednesday, January 14, 2009

By the bustling thrum of the Mototaxi...

We´re here in Iquitos, probably one of the most remote metropolises in the world. Iquitos is located in Northeastern Peru at the confluence of the Amazon and some other river I can´t spell offhand. It can only be reached by plane or by boat, which makes for some interesting emergent culture. Right now, the Plaza de Armas, or central square, is alive with people eating, scooting around in their mototaxis, taking walks, and looking at facebook or online dating sites in the internet cafes. So far everything seems to have a run down charm, and despite its rough edges, the populace seems incredibly inviting. We´ll post more after we see more.

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  1. Sweeet. Just caught up on your travel blog guys. I am now anxiously awaiting your next post. Woo hoo.