Saturday, January 24, 2009


From The Trip, pt. 2: Mountains to Lima
We missed the bus to the ruins this morning and ended up doing laundry and wandering around town. We stumbled upon some sort of a celebration associated with a church at the top of a hill. A small band played somewhat ambivalently on the opposite side of the street while ladies stood next to tables covers in fruits and breads shaped like mermaids and waving ladies. An older man danced in the street with a wooden crate on his shoulder, dancing back and forth across the street avoiding traffic, then a white furry little foot slipped out between the boards in the crate and I realized it was a crate of guinea pigs! After he stopped dancing around with his box of guinea pigs, we wanted to get a better look at these mermaid shaped breads. As we were looking, the man offered us a taste of the sugar cane liquor he and his friends were drinking out of a five gallon bucket with half a coconut. It was tasty.
From The Trip, pt. 2: Mountains to Lima

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