Saturday, January 24, 2009

Three Worlds Away Pt. Dos

From The Trip, pt. 2: Mountains to Lima
In Peru, at least the more rural areas, a majority of the economy is based on cottage industries. People running their own businesses, stores, taxis, etc. There seems to be a lot of collectives and people working together. We went to a market this morning and it was beautiful. We´ve been going to as many of the community markets as we can but this one stood out. Most of the larger towns have built structures to house their markets. This one was two stories, half open air with food vendors on top, and meat and vegetables on the bottom. There were a few clothing and electronic stores also. It seems healthier than the american supermarket because the wealth is distributed, it emphasizes community, and the food is fresher.

This means that farmers are generally located in town within walking distance of the market, producing less crops, but more or less subsisting on what they grow.

Also, because people are poor here, and cars and gas are really really expensive its not surprising that public transportation is really good, except none of the transportation is public. Its all privately run. All the buses are run by tour companies, and all the taxis and motorcars are operated by the driver, sort of like the taxi system in America, but I don´t think you need a badge to be a business owner. Transportation costs are quite reasonable.

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  1. sounds like need has driven sustainability and they're probably leaps and bounds beyond our state of disarray. Any skyscraper farms? Sounds like you two are having fun.