Friday, February 6, 2009


From The Trip, pt. 4: Arequipa to the frontera
We have confirmed that Arequipa is as fashionable as they say. Peru´s second largest city nestles into the base of a Volcano called Misti, which can be seen from the beautiful main plaza, over the bell tower of the town´s giant cathedral. The cathedral, like many of the buildings in Arequipa, is constructed out of sillar, this white volcanic stone which is easily carved, giving Arequipa its reputation as the ´White City.´ We have had a good time sneaking into the courtyards of 300 year old sillar mansions, wondering how people could feel at home in these castle-like homes. Apparently they made things a bit more cozy by throwing alpaca rugs everywhere. Yesterday we went to the Santa Catalina Monastery to learn about the nuns´ life of sacrifice and devotion, then to balance out the day, we went to the Arequipa mall and forgot we were in Peru as we ate ice cream and watched a movie.

From The Trip, pt. 4: Arequipa to the frontera

This morning we will attempt to get ourselves on a bus to Colca Canyon, home of the Andean condor, reportedly deeper than the Grand. From there, we hope to whisk straight over to Lake Titicaca, land of bad jokes. Hopefully we will be able to post sometime before arriving in La Paz, Bolivia.

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