Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chimes at Noon on the way to Potosi from La Paz

¨Soon the chimes would ring for midnight, the notes melodious and tranquil¨... but not the sound of the German Shizer Music pulsing behind me. I fully expected to be distracted by South America´s ubiquitous pan flute music, but I hardly anticipated being repeatedly ripped from my concentration by German Shizer Music, blaring from the seat behind from some teenager´s iPod speakers. Who listens to German Shizer Music anymore, anyway, let alone not in headphones to give away the fact that one is listening to German Shizer Music in the first place? I have learned to tune out the ubiquitous South American hits, such as ¨Levanta La Mano¨ usually piped into the bus speakers by their drivers... but this German Shizer Music was too much. I could not read my novel... I switched to Newsweek...

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