Friday, February 20, 2009


From The Trip, pt. 6: Argentina
By day Córdoba is a labyrinth of malls: pedestrian malls intersecting indoor mall corridors intersecting vine-covered trellised malls ending in indoor market malls. Yesterday we discovered another five story indoor mall, named O!, hidden inside what looked like a historic building. It felt exactly like the Westfield center in San Francisco until you got to food court on the third floor, the arcade complete with kiddie carnaval rides on the fourth floor, and the cosmic bowling alley on the fifth floor. I am getting the impression that malls are a part of the culture in Argentina. By night, Còrdoba was supposed to be known for good nightlife fueled by Fernet, an (disgustingly mouthwash-flavored) Italian liquor, that Córdobans prefer to mix with coke. I have had Fernet before in San Francisco, where supposedly the most Fernet is consumed in all the world, but mixed with coke? We will report back with our success or failure in the face of this Fernet con Coke.

Update 1: Discovered on Friday night that the `nightlife` in Còrdoba begins at 2.30am...

Update 2: Discovered on Saturday that Fernet con coke tastes like Fernet with coke. Gross.

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