Sunday, February 22, 2009

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Today we were duped by Lonely Planet into seeking out the `Las Vegas of Argentina,` a little lakeside town named Villa Carlos Paz. Now, I have never been to Vegas, but I have seen Vegas from Vegas` airport and Villa Carlos Paz did not bear any similarity to Las Vegas, Nevada, as far as I could tell. I don´t know why I am surprised since Lonely Planet has been wrong about almost everything in Argentina so far, but it promised pyramid-shaped hotels (did not see them anywhere) and some famous coo coo clock (or, reloj cu-cu) that turned out to be a disappointing 15 feet tall. In fairness we did see one casino and then we got back on a bus to Còrdoba.

One thing Lonely Planet did get right was Argentinians` love of the all-you-can-eat buffet, aptly named the tenedor libre (freedom fork). Not only did this cavernous restaurant have a waterfall and fake rocks for ambience, it had every kind of food you could imagine, any kind of meat straight off a grill, wok-hot stirfries, pastas with customized sauces, paella straight from the pit, sushi wrapped before your eyes, a cornucopia of salads, foods deep-fried into anonymity, and to top it all off the very best of Argentinian cuisine and desserts. It was quite the experience.

Now we are waiting for the twelve-hour bus ride to Mendoza, the heart of Argentina´s wine country.


  1. Sigh, what happened to you, Lonely Planet? You used to be good. Loving the photos, by the way!

  2. That description and all we get is JD with a tiny cup of coffee!? That is not freedom (fork)!

  3. Sosia, in LP´s defense, they get things mostly right, except for prices which they get completely wrong, but I believe the peso has been steadily inflating over the two years since the book was published. It is just disappointing because they were spot on for Peru and Bolivia.

    JB, I apologize for the disppointment. We were so excited to eat the heaping platefuls that we didn´t get our picture-taking wits about us until it was time for a cafecito.