Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Mullet, Coming to a Hipster Near You

This is a travel blog, so you are probably wondering why we are indulging in a fashion post. You remember that haircut popularized by American pop legends such as Billy Ray Cyrus and Chuck Norris? The haircut of subjective appeal in which the head was shaved entirely save a striking mane of locks along the neckline, sometimes replete with two to three lines cut in above the ears? Well, The mullet has been making strong appearances in Argentina, and not just on Hipsters as the title suggests. A high volume of fashionable males between the ages of 16-50 have been sporting the lion-like ´do. Why you ask? This author doesn´t quite know. Perhaps its due to their guacho (south american cowboy) past, perhaps its the logical progression of the hipster mohawk popular in most metropolitan cities worldwide and ready to make an appearance in the states. Whatever the source of this questionable fad may be, its all over Argentina and its kind of funny.

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  1. The Mullet: Business in front, party in the back. The question is are they ahead of the curve or way, way behind the curve?