Sunday, May 10, 2009

Daddy! Daddy!

After a mad dash to our train bound for Qindao, Shannon and I went to our seperate bunks. The ticket vendor had made a mistake and put us in beds that were in rows 20 and 21, but were 3 cars away from each other. After stowing my bag under the bottom bunk, I took stock of my bunkmates. The group that stood out was a grandparent pair and their little grandaughter who was wailing her eyes out. The train hadn't yet started moving and her father was on the station landing trying to console her. I decided to sit back in my bunk and observe this touching scene for a moment when in the bunk below me a man started singing. I thought to myself "how cute, her uncle or someone is singing to her to calm her down". I decided to peek down to get a glimpse of the crooner: he had earphones in and was singing to drown out the little girls sobbing.

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  1. Your Jewish pseudo-mother friend wants you to know that when you guys don't post for a while it makes her very nervous. :)