Sunday, May 10, 2009

Qingdao, also known as Tsingtao

After another long train ride during which we experienced the spoiled bratty downside to the one-child policy, we have arrived in Qingdao, former German concession and home of one of China's most famous exports. Who knew Tsingtao Brewery was started up by Germans in China? Who knew Tsingtao is actually pronounced "Ching Dao"? Not me. We were excited to sit on the No. 1 Beach in this seaside town, but it is raaaining. We are staying in an old astronomical observatory. Aside from this rain, things are good.

Update: In Qingdao many small restaurants and dumpling-erias have kegs of Tsingtao out front from which you can purchase a plastic grocery bag of beer to take away with you. We decided to experience this side of Qingdao culture, but due to our lack of Mandarin skills, we were given 2.5 kilograms of beer with several straws. When the man pointed to 2.5 on the hanging scale they use to weigh the bag as it fills from the tap, I didnt really think it through. Who knows how muh 2.5 pounds of beer really is? Then with a giant bag of beer in hand, I realized that it was 2.5 kilograms, which equals at least 5 pounds, I think, and seemed like at least 2 liters. All this beer cost 7 yuan or about 1 dollar.

Tomorrow we head to the northern capital, Beijing.

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