Wednesday, May 6, 2009


No, we have not been forced into pirate slavery, but we are in Shanghai.

For the past couple of days we have been in Hangzhou, famed for the most famous West Lake in China. Apparently even Marco Polo thought this lake was something to write home about. The hands down highlight of yesterday was the Yellow Dragon Cave Park on the western shore of the lake. We climbed the ridge in search of the dragon, but only found some caves.

We also went to Pizza Hut because I was already sort of tired of Chinese food. Pizza Hut is very classy here and the pizza toppings, such as seafood fruit salad, teriyaki with bonito flakes, and curry chicken with pineapple, undeniably cater to regional palates. I imagine a person from Hangzhou who visited a Pizza Hut in the US would come away rather disappointed.

We will post more about Shanghai after we actually see Shanghai.

Update: Sadly, Shanghai was a little disappointing - it didn't really look like Japanese-occupied Shanghai as seen in Lust/Caution... and everything is under construction for the World Expo 2010. We ate some good food though - hand pulled noodles and something that may or may not have been Korean. We ate a wide variety of buns and dumplings. We saw, but did not eat, stir-fried toothpicked sweet and sour baby chickens. We saw some acrobats. We saw the Chinese space needle. Now we have officially been Shanghai'd.

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