Wednesday, July 22, 2009


You know, Thailand is really beautiful and if you have a stressful job that earns you some good money, you should go. You should go if you don't have that, either, because as a traveler, for the most part, Thailand offers a good bang for your buck, especially if you have that stressful job but it doesn't earn you good money. Then you'd probably have to blow off some steam, and Thailand is a good place to get away from it all (distance-wise that is), or at least to take a vacation that includes powdery white sand, hypercolor fish, and jewelry colored water.

You could probably get about 50% of the experience in your own city, wherever that may be. Visit the hip/college neighborhood, eat some ethnic food, go to the store and buy a cheap rice beer and drink it while its really cold. That's about half of the experience. Really.

The other half of the experience is to take all that (including all the people at those places with you) and to pick them up and plop them on an island with powdery white sand, hypercolor fish, and jewelry colored water. Sprinkle in a couple of restaurants that each dish out every sort of food known to man (not well, mind you- envisions signs on the front of the restaurant that say- Italian, Pizza, Meditaranean, English, French, German, Chinese, and Thai- yes Thai is usually last), and motorbikes and you have the experience.

The reason I'm writing about this, is that the Ko Samui archipelago has probably been the biggest cultural shock I've experienced while traveling, and that's because its so western. Coming from Vietnam, the laid back pace was very unexpected, especially in Bangkok.

Farang is what the Thais call white people.

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