Sunday, July 12, 2009

Robinson Crusoe on Internet Island

It's raining outside, a monsoon, really. Poor drainage in Hanoi has resulted in the burial of the majority of the city's streets, knee deep in water, barring access to the sites on today's tourist itinerary. Hence we've sought shelter in an urban cave, visible only by the red and white "internet" sign protruding from the waterfall pouring around it. The urban jungle has sought refuge with us in our dry hideaway; Vietnamese kids passing the downpour screaming over the drone of the large fan and booming rainfall to each other as they discuss tactics and collaborate on their games of World of Warcraft. Creamy crooning Vietnamese pop singers (really dramatic stuff) permeate the windy interior of our Internet Hovel.

The rain has subsided for the moment and the other refugees from the weather have filtered out. I suppose its about time for us to do the same and seek a way off this island. We must find the Temple of Literature, which lies somewhere beyond the sea of poor drainage!

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