Friday, December 31, 2010

Quatchmas continues: Quatchi in Portland

After leaving the beach house, Quatchi headed toward Portland, 
but first we headed out to the Columbia River Scenic Area.
Quatchi and Multnomah Falls


It was a yucky day for views

So we decided to drink beer.
Here are Mom and Quatchi at Full Sail Brewing in Hood River.

This was our first sampler tray of many...

Another sampler of seasonal brews...

We sloshed across the street to Double Mountain Brewing
for another tasty tray.

Then we tsunami'ed up the hill to Big Horse Brewing
for more brews.

Then my dad kindly drove us back to Portland...
Where we drank more brews
at New Old Lompoc's Fifth Quadrant.

We also drank more beer and ate more food
at McMenamin's Chapel Pub.
This was not what it looked like when we were there
on the rainiest day of the year.
Photo by McMenamin's.

The next day we braved the rain in downtown Portland:
Quatchi hides.

But comes out for a photo opp.

VooDoo Doughnuts!!!

Q. can hardly wait...

We tried crazy flavors like:
Captain Crunch
Old Dirty Bastard
Raspberry jam-filled VooDoo Doll
Maple Bacon!!!
Totally fun!
Highly recommended...
(if you are in the mood for a crazy doughnut.)

For the rest of the day we drove around because it was so rainy.
We ate Korean tacos from a food truck.
Saw 'True Grit' and ate dinner at the Baghdad Pub.

The next day we went antiquing around town:
And ate lunch at the Columbia River Brewing Co.

Quatchi finds friends at a shop on Milwaukie in Sellwood.

Antique kitteh on Hawthorne.

We wrapped up our Portland fun with a final beer
and a movie back at Baghdad Pub.

Thanks for a great time, Portland!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Quatchmas, pt. 3: Quatchi goes to Oregon

Our Quatchmas continues with a road trip to Oregon!!!

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Our first stop was in Sonoma,
where Quatchi picked up a friend!
Tsunami the Bighorn Sheep!!!!

 From Sonoma our trip started auspiciously
with many rainbows over 101

Who could resist a visit to Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox?

An Oregonian sunset


An Oregonian Lighthouse

Ready to go

Newport bridge

Hello, Nessie

Tasty Rogue Brewing

Covered bridge

Quatchi and his trusty steed
sallyforth to hotel continental breakfast...

Made it to the coast

First stop:

Tillamook Head and a seagull

Cannon Beach

Very windy

Reenacting the final scene from 'The Goonies'

 No firmé!
No sign!
No sign!

Astoria Column

From the top

Nice views



Inside the column

Quatchi visits The Goonies House!!!

Goonies bike down to the lighthouse restaurant...

Vuvuzela contest on the beach

Reliving the World Cup

Quatchi is a natural


So many presents!

Christmas coffee cake!

Baxter would like some too.


Here are more better pictures: