Monday, January 18, 2010


Aebleskiver (singular: aebelskive) is a round Danish pancake. 'So what?,' you might think, 'all pancakes are round.' The special thing about the aebleskive is that it takes roundness to the third dimension. You might even say that it is spherical.

Last Saturday John and I were in Solvang, a Danish community outside of Santa Barbara where they specialize in smorgasbord, aebleskiver, and danish sausages. We enjoyed a breakfast of spherical pancakes, four kinds of Danish sausage, two kinds of mustard, sauerkraut, and red cabbage salad. Skål!

We were so inspired by our Danish feast that we decided to purchase our very own spherical pancake maker and we made our very own spherical pancakes for breakfast this morning. Mastering the spherical pancake is harder than you might think. Our first batch had too much batter and was decidedly unspherical.

First Batch: FAIL

We overcompensated on our second batch with too little batter, resulting in PacMan-shaped pancakes. Then our final batch was just right! Now we are aebleskiver masters.

Hard at work aebleskivering

Step 1: The Pour

Step 2: The Scoop

Step 3: The Twist


Skip (Step 5: Eating) to Step 6: Find other uses for unwanted aebleskiver

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