Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quatchi watches Team Canada play USA in Hockey, gets depressed

Quatchi had another big city adventure to watch Canada vs. USA in hockey this evening.

Quatchi rides MUNI!

Quatchi was not amused by Team USA's goal 40 seconds in.

Team Canada ties it up!
Quatchi smiles now, but the game would not stay tied for long....

Quatchi waves at the cable car at intermission.

Don't tell Quatchi that cable car got towed.

Team Quatchi not doing so well.

Quatchi hits the kegerator.

High -Maple-Leaf- Five for Guinness!

Quatchi can't believe it.

Poor Canada, why can't we just let them win?
For Quatchi's sake.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be my, be my Baby.

For me, Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve compete for most odious holiday... there is just too much pressure to have an amazing time on these two days of the year. Last year we were fighting our way through Oruro, Bolivia on Valentine's Day, BUT this year I tried to be a good sport for both holidays. For V. Day, as with NYE, I wanted to do something because not doing anything is kind of weird.

As a compromise between abstention and total cheesiness, I decided to make an epicurean feast because I have not cooked extravagantly in over a year. We settled on the Mardi Gras brunch off of So I started shopping on Wednesday, started cooking on Thursday, kept on cooking on Friday and today we had an amazing brunch! Homemade beignets (we tried our best) to start, followed by oeufs au plat (fried eggs, as far as I can tell) over green onion sausage and shrimp gravy on Grandma Walter's biscuits with veal grillades (nothing says 'I love you,' like eating baby animals...) over jalapeno cheese grits (totally delicious!).

It was amazing!

Epicurious recommended serving all this with brandy milk punch, but we opted for the more conventional, and less curdly, mimosa. A feast of epic proportions! Needless to say we went into food coma for multiple hours, the only remedy for which was... profiteroles! Yes. Profiteroles, aka cream puffs. I had never used my 'mechanical pastry bag' from Williams-Sonoma and it debuted nicely, squirting disks of profiterole goop. Profiteroles, as you may know if you have made them, start off resembling, and smelling like, Play-Doh, or baker's clay as they apparently call it out here in California, according to John. American regionalism at its best. I tried to incorporate the four eggs into the dough with my Williams-Sonoma porsche-of-handmixers, but that did not work out very well, as in not much incorporation happened. Luckily, John saved the day, and the cream puff, with a good-old-fashioned wooden spoon.


It's nothing short of Cream Puff Magic.

I would like to end this post with the lyrics to 'Be My Baby' by the Ronettes.

The night we met I knew I needed you so,
And if I had to the chance I'd never let you go.
So won't you say you love me?
I'll make you so proud of me.
We'll make them turn their heads every place we go.

So won't you please:
Be my, be my baby
My one and only
Be my little baby
Save me my darling
Be my baby now

I'll make you happy baby - just wait and see.
For every kiss you give me, I'll give you three.
Oh since the day I saw you.
I have been waiting for you.
You know I'll be there for you until eternity.

So be my, be my baby.
Be my baby now.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Olympics, Canada-style!

We watched the Olympics opening ceremony tonight. Josh and Shelley were kind enough to share their lcdtv and homebrews with us. Coincidentally, my brother bought me a Quatchi for Christmas.

Quatchi, if you do not know, is a friendly sasquatch, who is one of three Vancouver Olympic mascots. While the sasquatch is a well-known mythical creature, the other two mascots were dreamed up for the purpose of Olympic mascotry. Sumi , an "animal spirit," wears the hat of the orca whale, flies with the wings of the mighty thunderbird and runs on the strong furry legs of the black bear. Miga is a "seabear," part killer whale and part rare white bear, who lives in the ocean. You can take a quiz to determine which mythical mascot you most closely resemble. Also take note: when you mouse over the mascots on their profiles they SAY THEIR NAMES. Cute! There is also a non-mythical marmot, named Mukmuk, but he is only the mascots' sidekick. Quatchi is my favorite, obviously. Here are some pictures of him enjoying the opening ceremony:

Excited for it to finally start at 9pm (despite the fact the we are in the same time zone as Vancouver and it was filmed at 6pm and broadcasted live to other parts of the country)

High -Maple-Leaf-Mitten- Five

Quatchi helps with O Canada

Quatchi eyes the chips...


Quatchi hogs the homebrews

John talks with Quatchi about his party behaviors

Quatchi wants a better view

That's better

Go Canada!

Quatchi shows you the internets

Quatchi keeps you company

Even when the Olympics are boring and go on for three hours

But be careful after midnight!

Quatchi turns into a gremlin and ATTACKS!

Friday, February 5, 2010

LOL Cats and Me at Oakland SPCA

I have decided to use all the time I normally spend looking at lolcats more productively by volunteering at the Oakland SPCA. Last night was my first training, then next week is my next training, then I have to volunteer for two hours at the front desk, THEN I get to play with kittehs. I said 'Oh hai' to the kittehs that were there last night. My favorites were 'Tic' and 'Tac,' two five month old male kittehs who are best friends. Their cubicles are connected by a hole in the wall so they can hang out. Their pictures are not on SPCA's website but Tic is fluffy and rusty-colored with a white stripe down his nose and Tac is a tiger-striped short-haired kitteh who has lost his right eye! :'( I wish I could adopt them. We will see how I can endure the onslaught of cute before I adopt one (or two).