Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quatchi watches Team Canada play USA in Hockey, gets depressed

Quatchi had another big city adventure to watch Canada vs. USA in hockey this evening.

Quatchi rides MUNI!

Quatchi was not amused by Team USA's goal 40 seconds in.

Team Canada ties it up!
Quatchi smiles now, but the game would not stay tied for long....

Quatchi waves at the cable car at intermission.

Don't tell Quatchi that cable car got towed.

Team Quatchi not doing so well.

Quatchi hits the kegerator.

High -Maple-Leaf- Five for Guinness!

Quatchi can't believe it.

Poor Canada, why can't we just let them win?
For Quatchi's sake.


  1. Yay Quatchi!
    Don't worry. Canada is going to come back for the final stronger than ever.

  2. OMG. This is hilarious. Best. Blog. Post. Ever!