Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One year since the return from PEAROO!!!

This is the last picture I took in Pearoo. On March 30, 2009, John and I flew back from Lima, Peru and it seems like time has flown since my last post regarding the one year mark since we left for South America. Last night I attended a lecture by Luis Longhi, a Peruvian architect, which was very apropos to this post. I have 'Places to See' on my iGoogle homepage and strangely enough, it just showed me Machu Picchu. Luis claimed that every time he has lectured it has been on a full moon. He also claimed to know the day he would die: October 21, 2029. Spooky.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring broke: Quatchi stops to smell the roses

On the last day of spring break, the weather was decidedly spring-like and we tried to catch some wildflowers in bloom. According to 'Moon: California Hiking,' the Grass Valley Loop at Anthony Chabot Regional Park in the Oakland Hills allegedly has some of the best wildflowering in the state.

Quatchi is excited to sniff some flowers.

Sounds dangerous, and not promising for flowers, but a few cows never stopped Quatchi.

Our first discovery!

Quatchi sits with the suncups.

   Forget-me-not: not native, but my namesake!

Quatchi gets down with the blue-eyed grass.

Quatchi and California's state flower.

Oh noes! the dreaded French broom in bloom

John and Quatchi take a lunch break in Bort Meadow.

All in all, fairly disappointing for supposedly one of the best wildflower hikes in the entire state. Perhaps later on this spring they will put on a better show. Or perhaps we were not in the right area - it is hard to tell where you are with EBRPD's sparse signage. Or perhaps the cows ate them all. Who knows! But Quatchi was glad to botanize nevertheless. 

UPDATE: You can see all of Quatchi's pictures from the Road Trip!!!!!! here.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Adventures in cross stitch

As a result of my desperate boredom over winter break, I purchased this cross stitch pattern from a Michael's Crafts in Goleta.

Two months later, I finally finished it on the last leg of our road trip and added a reference to the band, The Accidental, and my favorite song, Wolves, off of their debut album, There Were Wolves.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Road Trip!!!!: End of the road :'(

We spent the last night of our road trip soaking up the sulfur at the historic Wilbur hot springs. The house is beautiful, the springs very relaxing, and the surroundings are gorgeous.

Goodbye wilbur cow!

Quatchi soaks up some rays.

We could not resist a stop at the Road Trip Bar & Grill on Highway 16.

Quatchi picks the perfect end-of-the-road-trip tunes.

Quatchi did not miss Bay Area rush hour traffic...

Back in the neighborhood!

End of the Road

We had a great time: Utah was so much fun! Reno was so much fun! Wilbur hot springs was so much fun! I would highly recommend any or all of it to any or everyone. We are all sad for it to be over, but school cannot be ignored forever and we must return to our stationary life for the time being. Hopefully we can road trip again sometime soon, especially now that Quatchi has had a taste of traveling and he has the wanderlust, just like us.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Road Trip!!!!!: Day 8 - Reno + Gold Country + Hot Springs

This morning we caught up with my old college friend, Amber. Ate amazing breakfast at Peg's eggs in downtown Reno and then walked it off next to the Truckee River rapids.

Now we are headed back to California to Wilbur Hot Springs to finally use my Christmas present from 2008: a luxurious night at the spa in Lake County. Purchased by John back when we had jobs. First we will stop in Grass Valley and Nevada City, two gold country towns about which I have heard many good things.

Back on the road: I-80 West!

Five minutes later, Quatchi has to pee...

Goodbye NV, hello California

Nevada City wins the cuteness contest (after Quatchi, of course)

Grass Valley, not as cute

But they do sell pasties, a northern Michigan specialty!!!
(not to be confused with the other non-edible kind of pasty, which you can probably find in Reno...)

Historic Marysville

Strange house

Strange sign

Strange butte!

Strange cows!

Wilbur Hot Springs Gate!

Quatchi relaxes.

All in all, some pretty strange stuff, but Wilbur Hot Springs is very nice.

Road Trip!!!!!: Day 7 - From Virtue to Vice, i.e. from Salt Lake City to Reno

After surviving the night at the 'Colonial Inn' in Ogden, we explored town and then headed back south to Salt Lake City:

Historic 25th Street in Ogden

Historic Union Station

On to Salt Lake City:

Quatchi rides the buffalo suitcase.

Quatchi rides the buffalo flag.

Quatchi goes to the Capitol!

Quatchi checks out the rotunda.

Land and Community!

Quatchi gets elected!!!!!!

Quatchi is the newest representative. His key issues are winter recreation and... earmuffs for all.

Industry! Busy as a bee, or a young sasquatch.

Quatchi prays with the Mormons!

Quatchi is scared of the sphinx of Brigham Young...

Quatchi eats DELICIOUS Mexican mole at the Red Iguana!!!!

Strange salt lake sculptures.

Such a good time in Utah!!!!

Sad to enter Nevada :'(


Quatchi's first slot machine. John is an enabler!

Quatchi and Poseidon.

Quatchi wins BIG at bartop poker!!!!!!

Quatchi makes friends with Jackson.

Believe it or not, Reno is awesome!