Monday, March 22, 2010

Road Trip!!!!!!!: Day 5 - Arches!!!!!

Quatchi was very helpful today at Arches National Park:

Off we go!

Quatchi holds up the Landscape Arch!

Quatchi and John look through the 'window.'

Quatchi appreciates the Delicate Arch delicately.

Oh no, it's about to blow over! Hold it up!

Quatchi and John explore.

Quatchi reads the map.

Quatchi balances Balancing Rock. Good Job out there today, Quatchi!

Now for some photos sans Quatchi - boring, I know:



Landscape Arch minus Quatchi (yawn).

Little me.

Big arch.

Delicate Arch minus Quatchi (boring).

Now that is some slickrock.

We ended the day at Moab Brewery where we attempted to eat everything on the menu: jalapeno cheezy fries, chile verde burrito, bacon burger, four beers, and a homemade rootbeer float! Coming off of our meager camping diet, I was seriously stuffed!

Tomorrow we see Canyonlands!!!!

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