Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quatchi goes on Spring Break!

Stay tuned as Quatchi takes to the open road for his first ever Spring Break!!!

After his performance at the Olympics, I don't think it will take Quatchi long to fully embrace the true spirit of spring break... unfortunately we are going to Utah, which might hold him back from achieving true spring break greatness, unlike somewhere like Cancun or some beach in Florida where he could really stretch his wings.

View ROAD TRIP!!!!!1 in a larger map.
Here is a somewhat discombobulated version of our route.
(zooming out seems to help)

Our road trip plan will go as follows:
Thurs- After S.'s hydrology midterm, S. + Q. will drive to SB to get D.
Fri- S+D+Q drive past Mojave desert and Las Vegas to camp at Zion National Park
Sat- Explore Zion
Sun- Pack up and head to Bryce Canyon
Mon- Head to Capitol Reef
Tues- Head to Arches
Wed- Head to Canyonlands
Thurs- Drive north to Park City and Salt Lake City
Fri- Get together with old friends in Reno
Sat- Go to Wilbur Hot Springs and RELAX
Sun- Return to Oakland

Numerous bad things could happen to us on this overly ambitious week-long road trip:
1) Quatchi could get a taste of spring break and go beserk never to be heard from again;
2) Those of us who are not covered in fur could freeze our buns off trying to camp at altitude in March;
3) Can't find snow chains;
4) Mormons hate sasquatches, as a general rule;
5) Neighboring states hate Californians... luckily
  • a) Utah does not border California and
  • b) Quatchi and I are not technically completely full-blood Californian,
  • c) especially not Quatchi, because he only emigrated to California from Canada in February;
  • d) in the event of an emergency, Quatchi and I can surrender John to the authorities and bobsleigh/luge/speedskate/icedance/freestyle ski to safety.

But rather than think of all the things that could go wrong, we should focus on what could go very right. Although I have been across I-80 and stopped briefly in Salt Lake City, I am excited to experience southern Utah!!!! I believe Quatchi and John are also excited.

Hopefully we can post updates and pictures from the road.

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