Friday, March 26, 2010

Road Trip!!!!: End of the road :'(

We spent the last night of our road trip soaking up the sulfur at the historic Wilbur hot springs. The house is beautiful, the springs very relaxing, and the surroundings are gorgeous.

Goodbye wilbur cow!

Quatchi soaks up some rays.

We could not resist a stop at the Road Trip Bar & Grill on Highway 16.

Quatchi picks the perfect end-of-the-road-trip tunes.

Quatchi did not miss Bay Area rush hour traffic...

Back in the neighborhood!

End of the Road

We had a great time: Utah was so much fun! Reno was so much fun! Wilbur hot springs was so much fun! I would highly recommend any or all of it to any or everyone. We are all sad for it to be over, but school cannot be ignored forever and we must return to our stationary life for the time being. Hopefully we can road trip again sometime soon, especially now that Quatchi has had a taste of traveling and he has the wanderlust, just like us.


  1. Hey there -- looks like fun! I think we contacted you awhile back about putting some of your photos onto our blog, Quatchi Watch:

    As I recall, we never got around using those, but with your permission, we'd love to put some of these new ones in a "Travels with Quatchi" feature. Of course, you'd get full credit and a link to this nice blog of yours!

    Best -- Steve & Eliza

  2. Hi Steve, your blog is great! We would love it if you used our road trip photos in a 'Travels with Quatchi' feature!


  3. OMG. That last photo is precious.

  4. This is adorable and hilarious. I only found you because the Cow mentioned how cute your friend is. =)

    Thank you for the mention, thank you for experiencing us, sharing us, and being you! Cheers, and be well.

    Let me know if I can ever answer any questions!

    Michael at Wilbur

  5. Thanks for the comment, Michael! Our friend is Quatchi, in our opinion, the cutest of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic mascots. We had a wonderful time at the Wilbur hot springs and hope to come back soon!