Monday, March 22, 2010

Road Trip!!!!!: Keeping Count

We have been keeping count of how many times people acknowledge Quatchi, verbally, not with weird looks:

1. Zion: Man refers to Quatchi as a bear on John's back.
2. Zion: Woman says she likes "our passenger."
3. Arches: People ask if Quatchi represents a friend or something. We talk about the Olympics. They look confused.
4. Arches: Man sees us taking pictures, asks if we want a picture of all three of us.
5. Arches: Japanese tourists point at us and giggle and whisper in Japanese, presumably about Quatchi.

At Bryce, people mostly gave us weird looks. One girl looked particularly disapproving of an almost 30-year old hiker carrying a Quatchi. At Capitol Reef we did not really encounter other hikers, except for when John banged his shoes together to knock mud off and some people thought it was a gunshot, but they did not suspect Quatchi of foul play.

We will continue to keep track. We were also planning to keep count of Walmarts and LDS temples, but so far there have not been all that many:

Walmarts: 1, in St. George
LDS Temples: 3? (lost count/confused with churches)

Update: After leaving Moab and arriving in northern Utah, we lost count of temples and walmarts... and nobody said anything about Quatchi at Canyonlands.

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  1. LOL at #3 and "but they did not suspect Quatchi of foul play." Hilarity!