Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring broke: Quatchi stops to smell the roses

On the last day of spring break, the weather was decidedly spring-like and we tried to catch some wildflowers in bloom. According to 'Moon: California Hiking,' the Grass Valley Loop at Anthony Chabot Regional Park in the Oakland Hills allegedly has some of the best wildflowering in the state.

Quatchi is excited to sniff some flowers.

Sounds dangerous, and not promising for flowers, but a few cows never stopped Quatchi.

Our first discovery!

Quatchi sits with the suncups.

   Forget-me-not: not native, but my namesake!

Quatchi gets down with the blue-eyed grass.

Quatchi and California's state flower.

Oh noes! the dreaded French broom in bloom

John and Quatchi take a lunch break in Bort Meadow.

All in all, fairly disappointing for supposedly one of the best wildflower hikes in the entire state. Perhaps later on this spring they will put on a better show. Or perhaps we were not in the right area - it is hard to tell where you are with EBRPD's sparse signage. Or perhaps the cows ate them all. Who knows! But Quatchi was glad to botanize nevertheless. 

UPDATE: You can see all of Quatchi's pictures from the Road Trip!!!!!! here.


  1. LOVE THE QUATCHI PHOTOS! These are so great.
    My favorite is the third one down. Love it!

    And I love your new header photo too.
    Great stuff!

  2. Do Quatchi's mittens come off?

  3. I thought they did, but they are not supposed to. Poor Quatchi will have to wear his mittens all summer long.

  4. Check it out:

    Also, check out your photo on "Dogs Love Quatchi!":

    Thanks again!

  5. Thanks again for the post, Steve!