Friday, March 5, 2010

Worst Day Ever?

Today I woke up after dreaming that I got shot in the neck. I woke up and thought, well this is going to be a great day. Then I looked at the clock and saw that I had overslept by 40 minutes and was probably going to be late to 'Land Use Controls' because there was a strike on campus and class was being held at some annex somewhere on Dwight Way. I did not know where on Dwight Way and what actually made me late was waiting for my computer to decide to work so that I could find the cross street.

So I biked away to the annex basement to listen to Mr. E., Esq., talk about the national policies regulating land use and his colleague who suggested that we all look for planning jobs in the growing regions of California, like Orange County... then I biked off to stand around in the Water Resources Center Archives for two hours with not much to show for my effort regarding the possibility of creating a Yolo bypass in the lower San Joaquin watershed.

I biked back to Wurster Hall where I was chided by my professor for forgetting to prepare questions to ask our guest speaker. I ate lunch while she talked. Afterwards I ran into a professor I needed to 'interview' for Assignment 3a of my Thesis class so I interviewed him. Then I hustled off to hydrology lecture where the guest speaker was a guy from the Regional Water Quality Control Board, but he was talking about urban stormwater management which is what the last two guest speakers talked about, all with the same pictures of the same examples from Portland, Ecotopia, USA. I had to leave in the middle because I had accidentally scheduled another faculty interview during lecture.

Then I went to computer lab and ate dinner while creating a map of the historic San Joaquin watershed in Illustrator, after which I started applications for two fellowships because as of right now, I have no moneys for next fall.

Then I realized Esurance is charging me $830 for car insurance on Sunday.

Then I realized has been secretly charging my debit account $14.95 for the past seven months because I forgot to close my seven-day free trial membership after I found an apartment in August. I am an idiot for not using, but since Congress passed a law saying that non-official credit report companies must disclose that they are not the official website, I think that more people than just me have fallen for this trap. The extreme irony of this situation is that a company that supposedly provides 'identity theft protection' has just scammed me the hardest I have ever been scammed in my life, except for the time that cab driver in Saigon took us around the city, dropped us a block from where we started, and charged us 300,000 dong. I really really hate getting ripped off for being stupid.

Then I biked home through the cold only to discover a letter from my landlord saying I must pay $400 if I want to foster kittehs in my bathroom.

In four hours I have to wake up to go to Alameda County Superior Court to beg the judge to rescind a ticket I received for accidentally taking the Bus Flyover on the Bay Bridge (what I thought was the West Grand Ave - Last Oakland exit). I must prove that $450 seems excessive considering that a normal toll violation only costs $29 and considering that is more than I spend on food for a month.

Let's just say, when it rains it pours.

Where is Quatchi when I need him?


  1. What a shitty day! I hope today gets least it's Friday, right?

  2. That definitely is a super Terrible, Horible, No Good, Very Bad Day.,_Horrible,_No_Good,_Very_Bad_Day I might have shed a few tears had it been me. Here's to the next few days - that they may only go "up" from that.