Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quatchi bottles homebrews!

Quatchi helps bottle our latest creation, Blackberry Brown!

Careful not to spill, Quatchi...

So far so good...

Quatchi gets ready with the capper...

Half way there....

Now on to bottle the Apricot Blonde!

Silly Quatchi....

Good job, Quatchi!!!
(We actually got almost as much beer on the floor as in the bottle, but Quatchi is well on his way to becoming a brewmaster.)

Thanks to Mom and Dad for the Blackberry and Apricot idea!!!


  1. Yum! Blackberry Brown sounds so good!

  2. Next on the menu will be a malty cream ale: low on the hops, sweet with less than subtle overtones of vanilla and and subtle flavors of toasted corn. We want to recreate Anderson Valley's Cerveza Crema.

    I think we also want to make a watermelon wheat... maybe with a hint of orange peel, and maybe raspberry...

  3. I think your Quatchi is cool! He is so different from the Quatchi from Quatchifan2010's page and Q from Quatch Watch!
    I didn't know Sasquatches had such varied talents! (BIG SMILE!)

  4. Yes, Quatchi can do practically anything once he puts his earmuffed mind to it.