Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quatchi goes back to Reno!!!!!!!

Quatchi packs up!

Off we go in Shelley's Vibe!

SNREd's reunite!
We are ready for adventure.

To Pyramid Lake!

This lake looks Quatchi-sized.

Watch out for the elusive Quatch-horned sheep!

Careful with that prickly greasewood, Quatchi!

Ah, nothing like hot sand on your butt.

Ah! Quatch-zilla can squish you with his mittened thumb... 

A once-again normal-sized Quatchi hangs out in the giant tufa.

Shelley goes where no Quatchi has gone before.

Quatchi botanizes...

And is attacked by tumbleweeds...

Time to get out of here!

Back in downtown Reno by the beautiful Truckee River...

Danger still lurks around every corner, such as foot entrapment!

And terrifying baby statues!

And too many beers!

No adventure with Quatchi would be complete without overindulgence.

And inappropriateness...
Even though you look good in heels, Quatchi, you are not allowed at Ladies Night.

Thanks, Amber!
Great weekend and great to see you!!!

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  1. Yay! It was good to see you guys too! I'm glad Quatchi survived the wilds of Reno... and got some good photos :) Can't wait for our next adventure.