Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A tout a l'heure!!!

Quatchi and I are all packed and ready to go! I am very excited to discover my inner francophile. I have tried to master the essential tourist phrases via the BBC Steps program, but I have only gotten far enough to learn that I have no hope of actually speaking French. Nevertheless, I am excited to manger du fromage (eat some cheese).

As of this moment, our itinerary is as follows: two days in Paris, then a train to Brittany to explore Mont St Michel, St. Malo, Cancale, and Nantes; then down to Bordeaux; then over to Marseille; if we have time (and euros) left, we might catch some rays on the Riviera. I had wanted to go to Normandy, but I have not been able to arrange for a hostel and I don't want to get caught in a tiny town with nowhere to stay!

Our wayfaring will be put on pause when we meet up with grad school people in Avignon for the river short-course on June 7, which will last until June 12. Then we will head toward the Alps for the 'field camp' until June 19. 

We will resume our travels meandering back towards Paris with stops in either Lyon, Beaune, or Dijon. We fly home to reunite with the missing third of our trio on June 23.

Quatchi in his protective sack.

Quatchi not so sure about this anymore....
 Help - can't breathe...

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