Friday, June 4, 2010

Côte d'Azur! Nice + Cannes

Good morning, Nice!

At the old town farmer's market:


Candied fruits and marzipans!

White asparagus!
If my dad were here, I would insist we buy some and find a way to cook it because he loves asparagus... if only I could get some through customs...



French broom!?!!
I wish I knew enough French to ask what they use it for.... but by the looks of that small shoe, maybe it is used as a child deterrent?

After the market, I took a walk around to the port

The water was very shimmery

Who knew cruise ships came with sails?

Then I went to the Museum of Art Modern and Art Contemporary

Then I climbed to the top of the hill overlooking town.

Then I ate some pissaladiere!
As far as I could tell it was pizza covered in caramelized onions with an anchovy on top!

Then I had violet ice cream for dessert!!

I avoided the more savory flavors like avocado, thyme, and olive....

Yesterday I tried miel pignon (honey pine nut) and it was so good!!!!

Old town Nice is very fun to explore...

But the beach is also nice, even if it is rocky....

Other people liked the beach too...

But I just can't sit one place for too long and the bus to Cannes was only one euro....

 I could not resist seeing another bit of the Côte d'Azur.
Old town Cannes

 This carpet is presumably red during the eponymous film festival...
It is true that the Palais des Festivals isn't much to look at, but tourists still enjoyed pretending to be celebrities....

In Cannes, the beaches are sandier...

The main street is ritzier...

And the buses are more micro!!!

Cannes also has a hill to climb.

For another nice view.

But I was happy to return to Nice! 

Strange glowing men wish you goodnight...

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