Monday, June 21, 2010

Paris + Summer Solstice = Fête de la Musique

France celebrates summer solstice (June 21) with an annual festival of music, where bands officially and unofficially set up on the streets and music of every genre imaginable plays on every corner. As I walked around the Marais and Bastille neighborhoods, I tried to keep track of the genres that I was hearing, but I lost count around fourteen as I was swept along by the crowds:

Death metal was one of the more surprising genres I encountered at a pizza store

Silly folk music

Laptop DJ in the window

The first of many Rock bands


Québécois crooners with a teenage following

Acoustic Beatles covers

Horns getting ready

More heavy metal

This Indie band sounded really good, but the bar was too packed

Another laptop DJ, setting up

Another rock band, getting ready

Beatles graffiti

I think this is where I lost track...

Another crooner hearthrob

French version of Vampire Weekend

Drunk French people like to eat McDonald's, too

A more official act at Place de la Bastille

Crazy techno with crazy techno dancers!

Another rock band?

Moving towards the Marais, things got a bit more civilized...

Some jazz

Some choir

Some sing-along

Some classical

Some more singing

Outside Place des Vosges, things were still raucus.

Hotel des Invalides

This was the second time I heard, "If you're going to San Francisco..." by Scott McKenzie

Drumming at Centre Pompidou

Always a crowd

Looks good at night too

 The moon at Gare du Nord

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