Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fieldwork, sightseeing, winetasting: Our last days in Provence

Torrent de la Combe

Coring trees

Torrent Pellat

Nice views

More beautiful hillside villages

Wine tasting with a dog named Drink!

Serious cheese wheels at the local market

Lavender soaps and petit chiens

Pebble Counts

Natural bank protection!

Raging rivers


The Bellfroi

So Medieval!

Buried treasure

At the classical music concert at Saint Cosme.
It was very cold for late June.

Church ruins


One of the many beautiful meals we prepared

Goodbye, cherry country!

 Goodbye, Village!

 On the road to Lyon, 300m to nougat...

Clare and Quatchi check emails at the hotel in Lyon.

Tomorrow I will catch a train to Dijon, then Paris, then my French adventures will come to an end.

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