Sunday, June 6, 2010

Provence! Aix en Provence + Avignon

Hot Springs Fountain

Aix is hopping on a Saturday night - high heels everywhere...

Unfortunately Aix is so popular that the hostel was booked and I had to stay at the next cheapest hotel, which was not cheap!

Quatchi decided to make the best of this hotel's relative luxury...
Quatchi has protective bag hair: time for a fluff.

Ah, a double bed!

Running up the phone bill....

A shower in the room!

Trying on the new tank top we bought at the market in Digne....
Looking good, Quatchi.

Time for some French TV..... mostly game shows and a dubbed version of Easy Rider.

The morning view

Morning produce market

Here are my spoils: tomats, una baguette, and three kinds of chevre: red pepper flake, chive, and shallot.

Morning book market

Large fountain at the Rotonde

After catching the ridiculously expensive but unbelievably fast bullet train to Avignon, I wandered around town:

Avignon is well-fortified

Ye old town walls

Ye old broken bridge

Ye old pope house from the Great Schism

Pretty old church

After ten days of old architecture, cathedrals, museums, pedestrianized old towns, bikes I cannot rent, I am starting to see the similarities of France's smaller cities!

Luckily, I will take a break from the tourist life because today I am getting picked up for the field course! I may or may not have access to the internets for the next two weeks. If I do, I will certainly post some more pictures from Provence. If not, see you on June 19th!


  1. Bonjour!

    Hope you don't mind us running a photo of Quatchi's French adventures on QuatchiWatch...

    Sayonara -- Steve

  2. Sorry for the delayed response, but no problem!