Thursday, June 3, 2010

Viva la Britagne!! Rennes + St Malo

Quatchi's first French train ride

The dreaded French broom (not surprisingly?) in France

A stop in Rennes

Half-timbered houses!

There is alot of graffiti in France
 I guess they did invent ennui...

On the bus to St Malo
I would live there...

The rainy northern coast...

From the ramparts of the ancient walled city

You can swim here when it is nice...

I escaped from the rain with moules frites
and a cup of local cidre
 Despite my best intentions, my enjoyment of this dish steadily plummeted as I made my way through the pile... don't think I will be eating mussels again for awhile.

Thankfully it included a crepe sucre for dessert!

Goodnight, St. Malo.

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