Thursday, June 3, 2010

Viva la Wireless!: Île-de-France

This is as far as Quatchi got in rainy Paris.

Tour Eiffel!

Is huge


I hid from the rain in the pyramid.

Apple store in the Lourve?! 

There is no apple store in the Notre Dame.

Only stained glass

And candles.

Day Two - I rode the Metro like le samouraï

Sacre coeur

Urban vineyards!

So do I!

My first French market
Reminded me of the colonial version in Phnom Penh

Did the French invent the covered arcade?

Interesting sign - no idea what it was about...

Centre Pompidou
I have seen people so willing to sit on the ground and stare at a building!
The Seine

What is blind test?

This 'Geode' made me WOL (whoa-out-loud)

The Grand Arch in La Defense also made me WOL

Triumphant Arch

Back in Montmartre - Moulin Rouge!!

Another moulin

Le chat!
(My first French cat)

Strange bread
I bought some and not surprisingly the top did not taste good.

Paris at sunset

Enjoyed by many people

Paris is the best!!!

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