Saturday, July 31, 2010

ROAD TRIP!!!!!! The Way Back: South by Southwest

Now we needed to get serious about getting back to California.

First up: Kentucky.

Not much to see in Kentucky, besides bourbon distilleries...

...and caves and dinosaurs...

 ....and religious signage....

Unfortunately we missed the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky,
where they reportedly have a triceratops wearing a saddle...

Onward to Tennessee!!

Quatchi brushes up on his American history
in Lonely Planet USA.

Somewhere along the way
raccoon dog notified us that
we had passed the 50,000 mile mark!
That's alot of miles!

Honky-tonks in Nashville!!

Our first southern campsite.
It was hot.

Q. struts around Memphis

Quatchi and The King of Western Bop

We thought we should probably check it out...

But this is as far as we got.

Piggly wiggly!

We should have continued on I-40 through Arkansas and Oklahoma, but...
We wanted to see the South.

As it turned out there was not much to see in Mississippi...

Elevated bayou highways!!

Q. and the mighty Mississippi River

Some French guy

 Sounds delicious!!

Yes, for better or worse, we did drink Hurricanes on Bourbon Street.

Quatchi included.

There was an armadillo wandering around our campsite!!
We followed it around because it was too hot to sleep.

In the morning we saw the elusive swamp sasquatch...

Out on the bayou

The fish are jumpy!

Run for your life!

In search of Cajun country, we stopped by Breau bridge.

We ate a boudin, but not cracklin...

St. Martinville

Hurricane Evacuation Route

Catfish po-boys, at last!

The Lone Star State

Texas is wider than Quatchi!

Watermelon seed spitting contests in Luling, TX.

Adorably historic Gruene, TX.

Mi Tierra in San Antonio!!

Quatchi rides the donkey...

Admires the decorations....

And more decorations....

And the Mexican pastry case...

Quatchi remembers the Alamo.
(Note: Quatchi and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are in no way affiliated with the Alamo.)
(Note: John was admonished for taking a picture of Quatchi in front of the Alamo.)

Peanut patties break up the monotony of I-10 between San Antonio and El Paso

Infinite Quatchi.
(The things you will do while bored)

In El Paso, Quatchi eyes the border, but decides that in Mexico, he would not fit in with his undetachable earmuffs and mittens...

Chihuahua (the Mexican state, not the dog) license plates!!


Not so welcoming...

Four corners...

Thanks for letting us know...


Quatchi and the Saguaro

Barrio Brewing Co. in Tuscon!

Our last campsite!

Back in California!

Quatchi, the movie star

Griffith Park Observatory

Cannot see the stars during the day, silly.

Santa Monica Promenade has a Triceratops?

Q. gets breakfast at Grand Central Market

Including Mexican pastries...

The last leg of this looong journey!!

Stop for In-n-Out!

Quatchi eats everything 'animal-style.'

Finally made it back!!!!