Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, D.!!!! or, Quatchi bakes a Stegosaurus

Today John turns 30! Happy Birthday, John!!!

Quatchi decided to make a dinosaur-shaped cake to celebrate:
Bring out the butter and sugar.

Two round buttermilk cakes, coming up!

This Stegosaurus is taking shape.

Quatchi now understands why they call it the 'crumb coat.'

Quatchi and the Stegosaurus

John meets the Stegosaurus

 The Big 3-0!!!


Birthday fun continued with a bike trip around Oakland

We were accompanied by a manatee...

First stop: Phở in Oakland's Chinatown!

Clean Bowl Club

which, by the way, is really cool, if you have never been.

Happy Birthday, John!

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  1. That cake is amazing, Shannon! Happy belated Birthday John- it had to be awesome with the Stegosaurus. :)