Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quatchi totally goes to SoCal

Road trip to Southern California!!!
Summer land next exit

Unfortunately as an international celebrity, Quatchi asks that we respect his privacy and not stalk him to take pictures....

Actually... we neglected to take pictures of Q. at various moments during the weekend because those moments were either too eventful, uneventful or dangerous for young sasquatches.

For example, on Thursday we did not want Quatchi to see Ghana heartbreakingly lose to Uruguay in the World Cup. Then we left him in the car at the Carpinteria tar pit for fear that he may have been entombed like many a sabertooth tiger....

At karaoke in Manhattan Beach on Friday he could not sing because he only knows 'O Canada' and they did not have it on the karaoke menu.

On Saturday he also missed Germany crushing Argentina and then we did not invite him to beach volleyball for fear he might get a taste of summer sports and abandon us for the 2012 Olympics in London...

On Sunday he did not attend the Hermosa Beach July 4th Ironman Competition because he might have been vomited upon:
On the way to the Ironman: beach chairs, skateboard, surfboard and a cooler.

The Iron Man involves running a mile, paddling a mile on your surfboard and then chugging six beers.
No sasquatches allowed.

We spectated...

As did the mounted police...

We almost attended a Cat Show in Santa Monica, but I would guess sasquatches would not be welcome there either. Quatchi also did not make an appearance at Diddy Reese in Westwood because cookie ice cream sandwiches are not the same as whoopie pies.

But Quatchi still enjoyed the weekend:
Much better way to travel than in a protective sack...

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  1. I love this photo of Quatchi! He looks so carefree with his fur blowing in the wind!