Tuesday, July 27, 2010




Quatchi shakes hands with Thadd.

We would like to thank Thadd for making Shanny D. & Quatchi possible.

But this is the Quatchi that started it all!
Given by my parents to Thadd who gave my Quatchi to me!

Shanny meets Milan

Quatchi meets Svensk

And now the intersection of Shanny D. & Quatchi and Thadd & Milan is complete!!!

We checked out Fountain Square

And the Midpoint Music Festival!!

We had a great time eating delicious Mexican mac n' cheese and drinking amazing margaritas at Nada, followed by draft Oberon at Righteous Room!!

Cincinnati is super fun!
Especially when you are hanging out with Thadd and Milan!

The next morning we went up to the Observation Deck of the Carew Tower

The Quatchi Blimp floats over Fountain Square!

Quatchi crushes the new building that claims to be taller than Carew Tower!

Quatch-zilla dips his toe in the hotel pool.

Back on ground level, Quatchi poses with a Shepard Fairey mural.
Can you spot the sasquatch?

No trip to Cincinnati would be complete without a visit to Just Crepes!


Thanks so much for showing us a great time, Thadd!!!

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