Saturday, July 10, 2010

ROAD TRIP!!!!! First Stop: Bend, OR

We will see just how far this road trip takes us....

This morning we set off for Bend, OR for a D. Family Reunion!
Quatchi: Excited to be back on the road.

Mr. Stegosaurus came along too!

Quatchi catches some rays on Interstate 5.

Quatchi and Mount Shasta.

Bathroom break in Weed, CA.

This is about where we noticed:
Mr. Stegosaurus was not faring too well on the sunny side of a hot car...

Quatchi drives backwards.

Quatchi hearts Oregon.

Sunset and Pines

Quatchi enjoying the beds at Sunriver.

Quatchi and The Gnome.

Quatchi and Oregonian Lava

John and Quatchi on the couch

Quatchi is happy for Spain's World Cup win!

Quatchi and moose decor, pt. 1

Quatchi and moose decor, pt.2

Quatchi and moose decor, pt.3

There are many more mooses...
But Quatchi decided it was time for hot tubbing...
Looking good, Quatchi.

..................To be Continued.................

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