Monday, July 19, 2010

ROAD TRIP!!!!! Fourth Stop: Vancouver Island

After a brief stop in Port Angeles, we hopped on a ferry to Victoria, British Columbia. Quatchi is so excited to be in the motherland!!! We walked around town, enjoyed a sandwich at the Pig BBQ Joint and a pint at Spinnaker's Gastrobrewpub. We continued up to Nanaimo, where we ate pirate fish and chips and POUTINE!!! Then with bellies aching, we continued out to Tofino. We camped at Long Beach and hiked around Ucluelet. Then we drove back to the east coast where we camped again in order to take advantage of Mid-week Cost Saver ferry rates. We passed the time by going to see INCEPTION in the suburbs of Nanaimo. We both liked it, but thought the story could use some work.

Canada is out there somewhere...

Goodbye, America.

Quatchi brushes up on his Canadian knowledge

Land ho!

Home of the Maple Leaf!

Beautiful Victoria!

Historic Chinatown

Riding the mosaic dolphin

Sitting on the giant totem pole

Eyeing the pulled pork sandwiches at Pig BBQ Joint

Admiring the Canada geese!

One of these things is not like the other.

The murals of Chemainus

In Nanaimo Quatchi introduces John to POUTINE
at Pirate Fish & Chips

Scenic Tofino

Homely Ucluelet

Fierce barnacles!

Liters are confusing...

Nice river

Big trees!

Tree hugs!

But then out of the blue, Quatchi sees a wildlife
and gets to thinking...

Quatchi decides he'd like to spend some time in his native forest for awhile...

We understand that a sasquatch belongs in the forest, but we are still sad...

Travels just won't be the same without Quatchi.

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  1. Sorry to see Quatchi go. But the beauty of the island is a big draw. It is my husband's hometown area and we totally get it. But Quatchi is loyal he will be back!!!!