Monday, July 26, 2010

ROAD TRIP!!!!! MICHIGAN: Quatchi meets the parents, goes to Hell

Quatchi pouts...

Then he cheers up a little on the Mackinac Bridge...

Things are looking better and better with this
Mackinac Island fudge situation...

But he continues to sulk in the back seat with his Canada book...

Then he realized Michigan is shaped like a mitten.
Quatchi likes mittens...

Plus, Kalamazoo sounds like fun!
That is the city slogan, after all.

Almost there!


Quatchi was pleased to meet my parents
and Chelsea.

Then he experienced the highlights of Kalamazoo:
Olde Peninsula!

Brewpub nachos!!

Blue moon ice cream,
bluer than his earmuffs...

Bilbo's pizza!

Lying on the grass!

Hot air balloons!

Picking beans in the garden!!

That's good haul!

Helping my parents replace their 12-year old computer!

Going to Lake Michigan!

Day at the beach!

Catching some rays

Q. holds down the fort while we go swimming.

Pit Stop at Clementine's!

For a Quatchi-sized tower o' onion rings

Walk it off on the pier

Quatchi-sized lighthouse!
(It is an optical illusion)

Hiking at the Kalamazoo Nature Center!
Little Quatchi on the prairie

Big Quatchi in the beech maple forest

Backyard grilling on maple planks from Canada!!

Chelsea auditioned to come on our road trip,
but this journey is not for kitties...

Sadly, just when Quatchi was starting to like Michigan,
we needed to start our long journey back...

Back on the road....

We immediately took a detour to Hell.

That's right...

Hell, Michigan.

Just outside Hell, you can get fresh donuts and apple cider!!
I thought you could only get it in the fall!!!

Our last stop in Michigan was the Blue Tractor in Ann Arbor
for some BBQ and brews.

Onward to Ohio!

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