Sunday, July 25, 2010

ROAD TRIP!!!!! Ontario and Lac Superiere

We continued around the north shore of Lake Superior through Ontario:

Quatchi says, Let's read Les Mis.


Ouimet Canyon!

Lac Superiere!

John claimed it was not "that cold."

White River, home of Winnepeg the Pooh!
Wawa, home of the world's largest Canada goose!

No trip would be complete without a maple cream donut from Tim Horton's!!!

Love the bilingualism

Danger de Quatchi!

Lake Superior Provincial Park!

Agawa pictographs

Sadly, our time in Canada was coming to an end!

Quatchi didn't want to leave...

He tried to stop us, but we needed to get to Michigan...


  1. I did the same drive in Mau 2009. I hope you had a good time in my home province!

  2. We certainly did! Ontario is beautiful!

  3. Glad to hear that Quatchi's love for his home country is still strong! But don't worry Quatchi, Canada is just North of America. Very close!