Sunday, July 18, 2010

ROAD TRIP!!!!! Third Stop: Olympic Peninsula

After leaving Seattle we drove north, caught the Kingston ferry across the Puget Sound and drove west to the coast.

 Quatchi spots a British Columbia license plate in line for the ferry

 Quatchi's first ferry ride

At least Quatchi doesn't smoke...

 Mount Rainier looks like a marshmallow monster coming to eat Seattle.

As we drove around, I realized this was the first place I visited on the west coast nine years ago. I flew into Seattle and then drove with friends out to La Push where we backpacked along Third Beach up ladders and over the headland to Scott's Beach, where I pretended to eat a seastar for the first time...

 Our first campsite of many

We camped at Mora campground, hiked to Scott's, Third, Second and Rialto beaches, took alot of pictures of seastacks, and happened to catch the opening ceremony of 'Quileute Days.' The festivities continued today, but when we saw a full "Dazzled by Twilight" bus go by, we knew it was time to go.

 Hoh River

Hall of Mosses

John, dressed in gray, pretends to be driftwood at Rialto Beach

 Quatchi's first anemone at Third Beach

Over the headland!

Through the woods!


Tide pools are no place for a young sasquatch

Popular hike

Driftwood at Second Beach

Back at First Beach

Down on the reservation

Opening ceremony

Asking permission to come on land and start the celebration

Quatchi celebrates with frybread

Embracing the mania

Quatchi pretends to be Bella Swan

Not actually shown in the movie...

But they will take what they can get

Quatchi knows today we go to Canada!!!

Do not feed the animals...

Quatchi must take after his mother...

Time to get out of here!

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