Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stunt Double

Who is at the door?
What's this?

Another Quatchi?

Adventurer Quatchi #1 looks a little grungy next to his new friend FOB (Fresh Out of Box) Quatchi #2.

Call us crazy, but we decided we should invest in another Quatchi while they were still available. In the event of an emergency, such as our #1 Quatchi getting lost or damaged, which seems fairly inevitable given his propensity toward risky behavior, we wanted to have a replacement on hand.


  1. I like the knappiness of OG Quatchi's hair. But welcome to FOB Quatchi!

  2. Yeah for making new friends! They can keep each other company :)

  3. FOB #2 Quatchi won't replace the glory of the Adventurer #1 Quatchi, but I can't wait to see his adventures too! Glad to hear that Quatchi #1 has a partner to share in his adventures!!!! Sooo Cool! The Quatchi Family loves having more than one member! The more the merrier!