Monday, September 20, 2010

Ojai, Quatchi!

My word, how has it been a whole month since our last post? I guess the start of the school year has cut into our time for Quatchi-related adventures....

 Thankfully we went on one this weekend to OJAI!
(pronounced Oh Hi!, or Oh Hai! in lolspeak)
Quatchi, ready for more SoCal advenure.

Ojai is a little town in the mountains southeast of Santa Barbara.

Quatchi on Ojai Avenue

Enjoying some margaritas at Antonio's!

Free books from the free book wagon!
I have never read any Henry James....

On our way back we stumbled upon downtown Ventura:
You would never know from 101 that there is a large Main Street!

Quatchi and the Coast

The End

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  1. Awesome that you and little guy had travels together