Saturday, October 30, 2010

John as Sad Keanu

Have you heard about the internet meme: Sad Keanu? If not, now you have! As far as I can tell, somebody photoshopped a paparazzi photo of Keanu Reeves looking sad while eating a cupcake alone on a bench and now there are hundreds of different iterations of Sad Keanu in strange situations...

Here is the original:

Here are some of my favorites:
Image: Sweded

 Image: Nukdae

There are many more:

Here is what happened when Keanu found out about Sad Keanu:
So, this is why John decided to go as Sad Keanu for Halloween.
Sad Keanu is sad.

 Sad Keanu with Sad Keanu and Quatchi

If only he could go with Prancing Cera and Strutting Leo...

I went as a painting.

October Fest: Quatchi's first Halloween!!!

 Quatchi bakes a pumpkin cheesecake pie!!!
 It has a cinnamon scary face...

John carves a vampir-o-lantern.



 Oktoberfest meal!
Spatzle w/ brats + pumpkin ale!
Now time for shrinky-dinks...

 This is what my pumpkin would have looked like, but
the pumpkin I chose was impenetrable to every knife in the house...

 Quatchi the Witch and one-legged Toxic Avenger Quatchi

Vampire Quatchi and monster friend

 John's monster gets a thumbs up!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

R.I.P. Paul, the World Cup Octopus

Paul, the psychic World Cup octopus, was found dead in his aquarium this morning. Although his keepers were said to be devastated, they were comforted by the fact that he lived a long and full life. Reading his obituary, I realized he probably accomplished more in his two-and-a-half years than I probably will in my entire life. According to his agent, there will be a documentary about his rise to fame and merchandise released in time for the holiday season. During the World Cup, Paul was also made an honorary citizen in Spain and an ambassador for Englands's 2018 World Cup bid. You can read the full story here:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Twelfth Night, Or What You Will

This weekend Shanny & D. happened to perform in an amateur production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. You know, the one with the twins and the shipwreck?

 Viola and Sebastian, the shipwrecked twins

Of course, no adventure would be complete without...
...Quatchi's help!
Setting out the props...

Drinking beers with Duke Orsino and the Officer/Priest...

 Practicing lines with Sir Andrew Aguecheek...

Tuning the guitar with Antonio...

Now for some action shots from the play:
Act I: Sir Toby is drunk....

Act II: 'Cesario' woos Olivia on Orsino's behalf

Act III:  Maria, Sir Andrew, Sir Toby, and the clown plot their revenge on Malvolio.

Act IV: Malvolio, in yellow stockings, cross-gartered

There are no pictures from Act V because everybody was on stage.

Great job to everyone!
Who knew Shakespeare could be so much fun?

We will perform again on November 6.
Location TBD