Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quatchmas, pt. 2: An Early Exchanging of Gifts

John and I just couldn't wait to exchange gifts this year...  
 They were burning a hole in Quatchi's pocket...

Close-up on John's custom wrapping

John's present #1

A Banneton!
aka a bread rising basket
Present #2: English Muffin Rings!

Present #3: Mini-donut pan!

You can see the diminishing joy.
With each new piece of baking equipment...
the smile gets a little smaller.
Quatchi is reluctant to relinquish the last present.

It was a perforated baguette baking sheet...
Just what John always wanted... seriously.
In case you did not know, D. is a serious baker.

Shannon scored an iPod dock!

We really reversed gender roles this gift-giving season.
John got baking equipment and
Shannon got electronics.

This is the start of a most excellent Quatchmas!

Next up: Finishing the semester...
Only one more presentation to go!

Then comes: Hanging with the family in Oregon!!!!

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