Friday, January 28, 2011

Event of the week: New glasses!

In addition to finishing my first full week of school, I got new glasses!
 Here they are: larger and dorkier, but now tortoise-shelled.

 My old glasses were somehow irreparably mangled over winter break.

 In other news, these little plants are growing in one direction:
 My mom gave me this for Christmas. 
So far it is a success!

Last weekend I went to the Oakland Museum of California!
There was a giraffe in that box.

OMCA is so cool - they let you make a digital self-portrait
and then they put it up on the wall with other paintings.
Thanks to Shelley for sending this pic!

Lake Merritt in the sunshine.

This weekend we are off to LA.
Stay tuned for more adventure.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas gifts continue at Doña Tomas!!!

After surviving my first day of school and being in denial that we are about to start our last semester of long distance grad schooling, John and I decided to cash in our Christmas gift certificate to Doña Tomas in Oakland!!!

Thanks so much, Thadd,
for the awesome gift of delicious Mexican food!
Unfortunately I forgot my camera... BUT
we captured the moment with my cell phone.

I tried the Doña Colada:
Flor de caña rum and coconut milk...


John tried La Paloma:
It contained tequila, bitters, and grapefruit juice...

The slurp of approval.

Who gets the last chip?
(I ate it.)

For dinner: I tried their mole...

It was fantastic!
but watercress salad is very difficult to get in your mouth
without getting salad dressing all over your face....

John tried the carne asada with chipotle cream sauce...
It was also..... delicious!

We will have to take you there next time you are in Oakland!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter break comes to a close

Some final photos from the end of Winter Break days:
Stuck in traffic on the way back from SB,
wishing we had beer for some reason...

Italian Bakefest! 

Tribunal Wine has a crazy label:
Unicorns, cats....


Foxes, more cats all in a courtroom.
If only there was a Sasquatch, it would be complete.

Not your ordinary back-of-the-bottle fluff.

Home brewing Double Chocolate Stout:
Steeping the grains...

The brewing queue: malt, hops, malt, hops, cocoa power!

We are copying Young's recipe, but
maybe we will copy Magnolia and name it:
Chocolate George Stout!!!

Sparging the grains!!!

Spent grain cookies!!!
No pictures of the finished product,
but they look a little like cow pies...
John likes them, but I am on the fence.

Adding the hops!

 We spent our last free day hiking at Wildcat Canyon Park:
There is Mount Tamalpais...

By 'rough' they apparently meant extremely muddy.

This is where we ate lunch.

Oh noes, it's the Pizza Monster!


....Wiiild Cat.....

 There is Mount Diablo.

 San Pablo Ridge
'Moon - California Hiking' gave it a 9/10 for beauty...
I would agree.

Getting a hand tan.

More Tam

Trail to Nowhere

It was a Cow's Paradise.

Post-hike French Onion Soup!

Mmm hm

I am in denial that classes start tomorrow.
The weather seems to be pouting also.

Here's hoping for a good spring semester!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hanging Low with Saint Barbara

Winter Break continues down in Santa Barbara:

John has a visitor at his new apartment...

A visitor that makes itself quite at home...
Quatchi is like, WTF?

But then the kitteh moved on to greener pastures...

And we went hiking to find 'the playground,'
which is actually just a bunch of rocks.

The branch behind my head is in an unfortunate position...

Fog and sunshine

Other people at what was rumored to be 'The Sphinx'

Hairy plants!

We will definitely go back to explore more, but Solvang called....

We needed a giant custard-filled Danish pretzel, or Kringle,
for a birthday beach bbq later on...

You can count on Olsen's Danish Village Bakery.

And it turns out that Solvang has a brewery now!!!

More pictures to come!

Good morning, other kitteh!

Time for Arts and Crafts:
Getting crafty with felt

Stained glass!

I didn't make the glass,
but I did solder the edge...

Toaster Oven Apple Crisp!

Now for a tour around John's studio:



"Library / Music Studio"

Tomorrow we head back to the Bay to get me ready for school.