Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas gifts continue at Doña Tomas!!!

After surviving my first day of school and being in denial that we are about to start our last semester of long distance grad schooling, John and I decided to cash in our Christmas gift certificate to Doña Tomas in Oakland!!!

Thanks so much, Thadd,
for the awesome gift of delicious Mexican food!
Unfortunately I forgot my camera... BUT
we captured the moment with my cell phone.

I tried the Doña Colada:
Flor de caña rum and coconut milk...


John tried La Paloma:
It contained tequila, bitters, and grapefruit juice...

The slurp of approval.

Who gets the last chip?
(I ate it.)

For dinner: I tried their mole...

It was fantastic!
but watercress salad is very difficult to get in your mouth
without getting salad dressing all over your face....

John tried the carne asada with chipotle cream sauce...
It was also..... delicious!

We will have to take you there next time you are in Oakland!

1 comment:

  1. You are very welcome! It looks like it was
    awesome! Merry Christmas!

    Now I'm hungry!