Friday, January 28, 2011

Event of the week: New glasses!

In addition to finishing my first full week of school, I got new glasses!
 Here they are: larger and dorkier, but now tortoise-shelled.

 My old glasses were somehow irreparably mangled over winter break.

 In other news, these little plants are growing in one direction:
 My mom gave me this for Christmas. 
So far it is a success!

Last weekend I went to the Oakland Museum of California!
There was a giraffe in that box.

OMCA is so cool - they let you make a digital self-portrait
and then they put it up on the wall with other paintings.
Thanks to Shelley for sending this pic!

Lake Merritt in the sunshine.

This weekend we are off to LA.
Stay tuned for more adventure.


  1. I really like your new glasses! Bigger is the new
    smaller, you know?
    Your plant looks like that one crazy tree at
    Ecola State Park in Oregon.
    Was the giraffe in the box real?
    And that's a really cool wall of self-portraits!

  2. Northvancouver, I promise to take Quatchi to China and Portugal this spring/summer and good Quatchi adventures should come of those trips. Please stay tuned!

    Thadd, the giraffe in the box was life-like, but not real. You will have to visit the OMCA next time you are here :)